There was a good crowd on hand who took home some of Bev’s yummy cooking as well as our fresh pastured eggs.
It’s always good connecting with our customers face to face, & they appreciate our ethical farming & fresh food.
Farmers Markets great ways for customers to meet the producers & find out direct from the farmer how their food is grown, what inputs are used, & what’s in season.
Held at Macquarie Lions Park on the first & third Saturday of every month. So only two markets left before Christmas to stock up on your fresh essentials.


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Finished the new grower shed & spread the pullets out into their new housing. They like the extra space.

The farmers markets have been a bit quieter during warmer weather, however normal sales have soon returned this month with cooler weather & school holidays over.

More vaccinations for New Castle disease of the latest batches of pullets.


What a "stinker"? The relentless hot weather during January saw us spend most days keeping hens cool & alive. Surprisingly no fatalities & they kept up with their normal supply of eggs.

I also found some time in between water runs to the hens to start building another grower shed. Slow going in 40 plus degrees.

The last of our dams had run dry. Even though we don't rely on them for stock water it was an ideal opportunity to clean the silt out. A local earth moving contractor with his excavator had three of them cleaned & reshaped  in a few days. Now for some rain.......


Last two months was pretty uneventful... with egg & hen deliveries, mixing feed, moving hens to make room for younger ones, cooking & attending the Farmers Markets, & gearing up for some "quiet time" over Christmas.

We hosted another group of school students, this time from Trangie Central years 2 to 4. After learning how we operate our egg business & a quick visit to the hens, they were keen to get back on the buses as the day was warming up to nearly 40 deg.


Early in the month we ran our Spring pullet delivery runs throughout the central west.

A few rain events was enough to turn the countryside a shade of green. Enough for us to turn the sprout machine off, for the time being at least. A wild storm one evening had winds strong enough to move the hen houses up to one hundred metres, & run over several hens who were taking shelter underneath. Sad face.

With the days warming up we had our first visit for the season from a black snake.


Another 400 day olds arrived ready for our Christmas time orders. 

Our fortnightly venture to the Dubbo Farmers Markets is still proving popular with sales of both eggs & cooking increasing each time.

After a three AM start in order to be in Young at daylight, we delivered 300 of our older experienced layers to an organic orchard, where they'll see out their days chasing bugs as part of the owners pest management program.


Yet another "crazy" month saw me head off again for five days to attend the Australian Bio-Char conference in Coolangatta. It amazed me the uses & potential for this product, not only as a soil enhancer but stock feed additive with major benefits.

The big dry is really staring to set in with very little beneficial rain so far this year, & many farmers have been hand feeding for several months or destocked. We had a week helping out on my brothers farm hand feeding his sheep while they attended their sons wedding in Ireland. Our "Sprout" container arrived finally & took only a few days before our first batch of green feed for the hens was ready. They LOVE it. We decided to grow sprouts for them to supplement the ration as there is no green pick left in the paddock as a result of the dry. Another job to add to the routine!


We had a visit from the two Queensland grand-kids for a week during their school holidays. It was great having the little helpers around.

I finally finished the latest mobile hen house just in time for 350 pullets raised on farm already starting to lay in the grower shed.

I had a few days away with a group of mostly local farmers to Robinvale on the Murray River. We had a very interesting  time learning about all things Almond, Pistachio, & Avocado. Some great knowledge for the some time in the future to diversify our region.


Another batch of day-olds arrived early in the month, ready for our spring delivery run in late Sept. Vaccinations of the 14 week old pullets & the 2 week old chicks for Newcastle disease is not only a legal requirement but also ensures our customers receive health birds.

Spotlighting in the evening has seen us remove several foxes & a few feral cats from our farm. The ones too cunning to take the baits.

With very little effective rain so far this year, our house rainwater tank ran dry. The first time since the '80s. Luckily we have back-up water supply from tanks at the machinery shed..


More shuffling hens to make room for younger layers & "re-homing" older hens to town. One Facebook add & they were all sold in half an hour. Wow!

With more eggs to collect it was becoming a challenge for Bev to carry them all on the quad bike so its was time to upgrade to a much safer mode of transport. A new Polaris side by side ATV, aka the "Billy Cart" arrived. How did we ever do without it.

Our steers were loaned to the Guerie Campdraft for the weekend event. From all reports they performed well.


Following deliveries of a few late pullet orders early in the month, it was time for a reshuffle of hens. Older ones pensioned off for sale to "back yarders" & young pullets starting to lay being educated into the mobile housing. IE where to lay & roost at night.

Sorted out larger steers & sold them through the Troy selling centre at Dubbo, most of them to be further finished in a feedlot. It's still our goal to gain Grass Fed accreditation & market these animals direct to the public. A load of replacement weaner steers arrived from Blayney. A good looking Angus line.

With eggs orders increasing & more outlets wanting our eggs, It's time to start construction of hen house number three. This one being a re-purposed tyre carrier. This will also make it much easier during transition from older hens to a new batch of younger layers to have an extra house.


We're feeling weary following a hectic week travelling all over the central west on three separate delivery runs with our point of lay pullets. Many happy repeat customers & some new ones as well. 

Laid 1080 Fox baits early in the month as part of our annual neighbourhood baiting program. The neighbours take part in the baiting in order to increase lamb survival on their farms, while we're  aiming to protect our girls, as well as reduce the predation on native birds & animals.


Yay! Finally got the feed mixer back together & working better than ever. What a relief.

Another 400 day olds arrived ready for mid winter orders.

Having a stall at the Farmers Market is proving to be popular, & egg orders are gradually increasing.

Advertisements went out late in the month for our autumn pullet delivery runs planned for mid march.


Another busy month with having to use a neighbour's feed mixer on several occasions to mix our hen's rations due to our mixer having a major breakdown & parts being hard to source. Also finishing off construction of our second large mobile hen house. This one re-purposed from an old Austin truck & cattle crate. The chooks love it! More agistment cattle arrived during the month also.


What a month! Firstly we had the sad passing of my oldest brother following a long battle with a rare cancer. At peace now.

Our first venture to the Dubbo Farmers Markets, selling our fresh pastured eggs & Bev's homestyle cooking using up any excess eggs. Yay!.

Then a trip to Allandale Pastured Free Range Eggs at Burnt Yards near Mandurama to deliver 500 young point of lay hens we'd raised from day old for them. Our new purpose built canopy for the trailer worked a treat, with great ventilation for the girls.

Christmas saw most of the family home for a few days. It was great to have them all together, & even came in handy helping out with teaching chickens to roost in their new grower shed.


Busy restocking cattle after close to 100mm in October. Grass everywhere!! Agistment heifers from South Australia, as well as young steers purchased arrived last week.

Just arrived last night was our 3rd batch of day old's. Our largest yet, to satisfy the main delivery run in early March. & so the cycle begins again.


It's been a very hectic few days, with pullet delivery runs to Mudgee etc on Thursday, Narromine & local on Friday, Cowra/Blayney on Saturday, more to Dubbo & Wellington on Monday, & out to Albert/Condobolin today.

To top off the week we've had 42 mm rain for the week, & more on the way.


With the season remaining dry we've commenced partial destocking & recently sold the larger of our Grass Fed steers through the Troy Selling complex at Dubbo.

Also this week Hamilton's Pride sponsored the Poultry pavilion at the Narromine Show, & also were a major sponsor of Macquarie 2100 who hosted Michael Crossland to Trangie. Great to see the school children so inspired.


Our second batch of Day Old's arrived last night. Most of them are a special order for another Free Range Egg producer near Blayney. The first batch are now perching in the newly finished grower sheds & growing fast.

Also, we're now supplying our fresh Free Range eggs to Foodworks in Tottenham & Trundle Food Store, & Warren IGA. Exciting times!


From the 1st of July Hamiton's Pride took over Galilee Poultry at Narromine (the business part of it). Yes Jimmy has finally retired. We have our first batch of day old's on the ground now, so it's all hands on deck to finish the grower sheds to be ready for them. Our first delivery run will be in early October.


Looks like we'll have to increase our flock, with a steady increase in demand from our current customers. "Brenno's Hotbake", "Soul Food", & "Timbrebongie House" in Narromine, & "Black Tambourine" & "Local Coffee Co" in Dubbo, all loving cooking with our Premium Eggs.


This week we're very delighted to be featured in the newly released "Regional Platters" tour guide, show-casing local producers. Pick up your guide at Tourist Information Centres, & book your educational visit.


Last week we had a successful audit with the NSW Food Authority, so it’s all systems GO.

We have just taken delivery of another 400 pullets, which brings our total layer number to 460 hens. This number will grow as our markets expand. We will initially supply local food outlets, & coffee shops in Narromine & Dubbo.

Our young girls are content & laying profusely, so keep an eye on this Website or follow us on Facebook to find a location to purchase your Fresh, Pastured, Free Range Eggs.