Hamilton's Pride is a family owned business that produces home-grown premium pastured produce. We are fourth generation farmers, who follow ethical, chemical free and holistic farming practices - working to regenerate the landscape around us. Ensuring our animals receive the best welfare and care is our number one priority. Our animals are rotationally grazed over 1000's of hectares of natural pastures where they can exhibit their complete natural behaviours.

Our vision is to provide consumers with high quality pastured produce which has been raised the way nature intended. Our products are more than just free range, they are beyond free range. We aim to provide consumers with a great tasting product, that is beneficial to their health, without causing detriment to the environment and community we live in. 

Beyond free range means that our products are raised within a fully holistic system. Having man & nature work in symbiosis allows carbon from the atmosphere to be placed back in the soil, thus enabling consumers to become part of the climate change solution.

For us PRIDE is more than a word, it defines our approach to farming:

Pasture – Our production systems are based upon native annual & perennial grasses & legumes.

Regeneration – Our systems & management work together with nature to enhance & build resilience into the landscape.

Integrity – Our priorities are the integrity & welfare of our animals, our landscape, and our products for our customers.

Diversity – The symbiotic nature of a diversity of species in our pastures ensures a diversity of nutrients available to our healthy, happy, free ranging animals, which ultimately results in a premium product. Each plant species is unique in that they are rich in a different range of minerals & perform best when not grown as a mono-culture. 

Ecology – Our whole approach to farming is focused on preserving & rebuilding the ecology for the success of future generations.

Production History

Our farm has displayed many faces since our family took control in the late 1950’s. Initially being predominantly medium wool merino production, with meat chickens & pigs as a sideline. Part of our farm then went into to intensive irrigated crops, including oats, wheat, sorghum, sunflowers, corn, & later cotton. This coincided with the construction of Burrendong Dam.

After many years experiencing a continual rise in inputs & decreasing net returns, along with a re-evaluation of our lifestyle & values, it was decided to opt out of high input cropping & move to a more regenerative holistic system of farming to produce nutritious food for the world. We have been totally chemical free for the past 6 years & introduced a variety of organic management practices including: cover cropping with crimp-rolling to help raise soil organic matter, rotational grazing of sheep & cattle following low stress management, the use of Bio-dynamic & other organic soil adjuvants, and more recently we have added pastured laying chickens to our production mix to assist with re-building degraded cropping land.

Key Values

We are defined by the key values we live:

Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Ethical, Resilience and Perseverance.